Do we need to learn to tidy?

Isn't this something that everyone know how to?

Answer: It's very normal and easy to organize a room at random. In our tradition, the only timing we takes it seriously is probably "New Year's cleaning", or a guest visiting. But how long does your room take to be chaotic again? In-depth knowledge and skills will be needed, if you want to keep the space always neat and beautiful.

Will you clean the place for me?

Answer:  No. The main content of the course is to teach the decluttering and organizing techniques.

Will you throw the Garbage for me?

Answer:  No. For items which have "completed their missions", I will provide relevant channels to give away, and you have to follow-up on your own. As this is a rare and valuable opportunity to learn how to handle it and be responsible.

I don't need to tidy up my place.

But can i apply for my family and friends?

Answer:  Not recommended. Tidying is a marathon that mainly rely on personal willpower. If it is not voluntary, even if you can force somebody to start, he will often stop halfway. I think everyone has a different sort of timing to start. It's hard enough to change other people, the only people you can change is yourself. Can you say your personal space is PERFECT right now? Please focus on successfully completing tidy your own part first.

I do not understand what it feels like when something “sparks joy.”, Can you explain?

Answer:  To determine whether an item “sparks joy” to you, you must hold it in your hand and touch it. If an item “sparks joy” to you, you should feel your heart and body lift up. If an item doesn’t “spark joy”, you should feel heavy and drawn to the floor.

I just want to organize documents.

Can you just help me to sort the papers category?

Answer:  As long as you have correctly finished sorting your clothes and books, this is possible.

How to apply?

Answer:  Please click the "Apply" button in the lesson list, fill in and submit an application form, then wait for an arrangement.

How to make a payment?

Answer:  Local Bank transfer or PAYPAL will be accepted. Tuition fees must be paid in advance 72 hours before the start of the course. Details will be emailed.

Can i reschedule or cancel an appointment? Refund policy?

Answer:  Lesson can be rescheduled at least 48 hours before the appointed date. If cancel the lesson within 48 hours from the appointed date, you will receive 50% refund. If cancel the class within 24 hours from the appointed date, no refunds will be issued.

I have successfully made an appointment. What should I prepare?

Answer:  You need to prepare enough time, energy and the answer of your ideal life. Some people may tidy up on their own on the eve of the first session, it is unnecessary.

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