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Initial In-Home Tidying Standard 5 hours

(※ currently, female only)


  • The initial session for client who join first time
  • Downsizing, organizing, creating a personal space of good-quality
  • Applicable to whom living with a family or living alone. Regardless of the size of the space.
  • One-on-one
  • Tidy by category; not by location. We will follow the order(Clothes→Books→Papers→miscellaneous items→Sentimental items)
  • The duration and total number of lesson are different depending on the initiative of individual, the amount of items and the size of the space.
  • Worksheet, checklist, and a follow-up service after 3 months of "graduation" are attached.


5 Hours / HKD$ 800 (HKD$ 160 per hour)

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Follow-on In-Home Tidying 3-8hours

(※ currently, female only)


  • Applicable to client who finished the initial session

  • You can decide how many hours of each lesson

  • Min. 3hrs, Max. 8hrs


HKD$ 160 per hour

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